Max Warbington’s Quarterpipe Campout


Video: Tyler Orton

Year one was a miracle, year two we got to see the event’s full potential realized thanks to the lovely weather; here in year three, we got to experience bliss. The event went off without a hitch, more insane tricks went down and more fun was had than ever before. Good weather, more homies, & one of the coolest quarterpipe setups ever created.


As the competitors hike up to the QP the morning of the event they are greeted over the microphone by a freestyling Jon Stark. Jon always announces the Campout and for year three he really turned it on. He never fails to have everyone laughing their asses off as they hike.

The beginning of the contest can be summed up by one name: JD Dennis.
JD was the first man to drop in to the QP and he hucked a mctwist off the QP to the bank on his first go. From there on he landed like 7 or 8 tricks back to back including a psychopathic back 7 over the channel gap. He was on a roll like no one has ever seen. JD’s early attack to the set up was impressive enough told hold his spot on top of the podium despite knocking himself out halfway through the event. In the eyes of the Judges, Dennis put down the craziest moves they saw all day and fully deserved the win. I would also like to take a quick second say that he is ok from the slam and also about to get married to the woman of his dreams! Congrats on the win and the upcoming wedding JD!


Forest Bailey took home best trick with a back disaster to back 3 on the vertical box stall. He also did a switch front blunt on that very box that completely melted faces. Forest once again made custom FSBS (frontside backside) T-shirts for the QP Campout, thanks Forest!

For the ladies it was all last years champion: Naima Antolin. A nice mix of airs, slashes and hand plants sent her straight to the top. All of the winners came home with amazing custom skate decks made by Will Dennis at SnoPlanks, with a graphic done by yours truly. One of my favorite parts of this event is making all the graphics for the prizes, banners, stickers, and all other funny art pieces that have always been a part of the Campout. Huge thanks to Diecut Stickers, FSBS & Snoplanks for the custom QP Campout stuff they help create; you guys rule!


.......The contest rages on for hours.....Tons of insane tricks go down....Sage Kotsenburg massive method air.....Cole Navin Snowskate hellride......Cooper Wittier & Dillon Ojo attack the top of the wallride......Jared Elston handplants the top of the vertical box jib......Pat

Bridges battles a one-foot handplant on a 190cm snowboard......Too many rippers and magical moments to name......It was a truly incredible display of snowboarding.......

The first day of snowboarding was wrapped up by announcer Jon Stark finally stepping out of the announcer’s tent and climbing up to the top of the Quarterpipe. Jon battled a no footed bomb drop from the upper QP deck, down into the wallride. 20 minutes of walk ups, 20 plus tries, a skeleton crew left on hill, his mental state deteriorating, Stark could not be stopped. He came through and eventually landed it and we all went down to the camp zone to celebrate Jon’s trick and prep for awards.


Awards were hilarious as always, Logy B and I had a blast giving out all the cash and prizes. A special award was given to Thomas Carpenter to thank him for his crucial roll in starting the Quarterpipe Campout and to wish him luck on his new career. Thanks again Thomas and we will see you next year! After awards we filled our bellies with delicious BBQ courtesy of Tokyo Starfish: Bend’s finest weed store. The evening was spent reminiscing on the day, as well as the season, while watching Rav, Cooper, Tokes & the boys skate the mini and the other parking lot features. Soon as night was upon us the fires were lit and so was everyone else.

Dillon Ojo made the trip all the way down from Canada to be with us on this special weekend.
I had been hyping him up to DJ a late night dance party at the Campout ever since the beginning. Ojo and Cole Navin made the long trip out and brought a whole new energy to the weekend. I am so happy to report that the “Ojo dance hour” went off and was extended until his computer died at about 4am. It was a truly special night of bumping trap music and R&B in the mountains with a ton of good friends. Rumor has it that Logan Beaulieu aka Logy B preformed his hit track “On Blast” live for the first time in over 6 years. If I had to describe the night in one word: Unprecedented.

The next day was a blurry mashup of smiles, teepee teardown, skating, stories from the previous day, a little shredding, lots of hugs & some soft goodbyes. Everyone was in great spirits as they slowly but surely made the transition from blissful QP Campout mode back to reality, possibly a little tuckered out, but definitely satisfied. This year, the event just happened to coincide with my birthday. I have to say, I could never imagine a better birthday party!! A huge thanks to all of the boarder friends who made the effort to show up late in the season for this truly special gathering. Without a bunch of amazing people this event would never be possible; massive thank you to anyone and everyone who helped make this year’s QP Campout the best one yet. My loving family, key homies like Will, Stark, Lucas & Logan, our amazing sponsors, Ted and everyone who helped us hand shape, all of the photographers and videographers who came out and captured the madness, the incredible events & park staff at Mt. Bachelor for building such a perfect set up & most of all I want to thank Dillon Ojo for coming and making such a permanent mark on the Quarterpipe Campout.

With Dillon’s tragic passing I have been flooded with emotions and memories from the weekend. His presence was felt and enjoyed by everyone there. His stoke spread through everyone around him like wildfire, by the end of the event the phrase “Ojo is the fucking man” must have been said 100 plus times. I feel so grateful to have been able to share the Campout with him and I want everyone to know how much fun he had over the weekend. He showed up with champagne for myself and Logy, ripped the contest, gave out a “Warpig’s Pick Award” to a well deserving Merrick Joyce, and most importantly, Ojo fueled the most fun night of dancing ever.. Thank you Ojo, we love you and miss you so much! We will start working on a playlist for next year’s party now <3

Sponsors: Mt. Bachelor, GNU, Airblaster, Crab Grab, Tokyo Starfish, Snoplanks, Frontside Backside, Diecut Stickers

Photos: Tim Zim, T-Bird, Danny Kern and Tyler Benton

Colton Morgan