Goodbye Horses

 Goodbye Horses is a short film created by the collaboration between Niels Schack and Remy Barréyat. This adventure takes place between the Himalayas and the mind of an old man and his daughter. Where abstract meets snowboarding Goodbye Horses is a story about youth, escape and the difficulties about growing older.

Directed by Niels Schack & Rémy Barreyat France

Niels Schack

Professional snowboarder for 10 years. Niels started making snowboard movies that challenge the concept of a classic snowboard lm.
Goodbye horses is his second short lm. 


Rémy Barreyat

Rémy Barreyat is a director, photographer who lives and works in Paris.
Following his master photography in Toulouse ETPA school for two years, he began working with magazines and brands all around, following snowboard video productions from the streets of Quebec, to the backcountry mountains of Switzerland.
From 2012 he started to focus mainly on video projects for european web media and global brands in snowboarding. In parallel he directed a triptych skateboard video project in Spain, Hungary and France. In 2015 he went to Calais (France) and Lesbos (Greece) covering the refugees issue. Directed a documentary from the Calais experience about an intimate journey with refugees trying to join England by any ways. This short lm was a part of the short lm corner in Festival de Cannes 2016, and still running through many international lms festivals.
In 2017 he went to Kyrgyzstan to build a new short movie project co-directed with Niels Schack, called Goodbye Horses. A hybrid documentary ction that slides around the memory of an old men remembering in life through his Kyrgystan adventures. 



Emma Nicolas

Jean Louis Chabry

Niels Schack

Sparrow Knox

Toni Kerkelä 


Camera operator / Director of photography - Rémy Barreyat

Executive producer - Niels Schack
Scénario Niels Schack - Rémy Barreyat
Sound editor - Rémy Barreyat

Editing - Niels Schack Rémy Barreyat
Voice over - Juliette Schack
Original music - Pj Chapuis - Samedi pluvieux



Kyrgyzstan, Paris and Vaussegrois


Supported by Burton snowboards 

All photos made by Jerome Tanon